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History and Mission

The Semiopshere is an organizational pattern for  a particular approach to work, research, and life. It is an open concept of community to help unify similar practitioners, designers, educators, researchers, and makers. If you find that you identify with this philosophy or framework and have work to contribute or want to collaborate, please reach out and get connected.

The concept of the Semiosphere, first emerged from the doctoral research in Educational Sustainability that I embarked on between 2017 and 2020. Used formally in 1990 by Yuri Lotman in his book Universe of the Mind, the concept was a breakthrough in an effort to find unity in a variety of contexts. I was searching for unity within my own work, straddling architecture, art and making, communication, education, sustainability, and research.

I was also searching for unity within the world of published literature and scholarship within interdisciplinary perspectives of life on this planet. The Semiosphere, is simply another way of describing space- our space and all that it encompasses within a unified whole. It helped me finally come to terms with my prior working philosophy in Organic Architecture. This work was inspired by my formal training at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture and living at Taliesin (Wisconsin) and Taliesin West (Arizona). I had been organizing my interdisciplinary work within a Community- Based Design approach- always looking to solve problems of sustainability through land and resource use.  I seek to promote the process of design and systems thinking and planning towards these ends.

As I embarked on the doctoral work, the theories of communication started to naturally link the seemingly disparate fields of physical and social sciences within am architectural point of view. So the Semiosphere is a unity both in terms of formal disciplinary pursuits as well as  the practical application of ideas. It seems that communication is a missing link – the common denominator in a world of  fragmented, disconnected, and disorganized parts.   

Meet Aaron Kadoch, Ed.D, AIA

I am an interdisciplinary architect, educator and researcher. My formal training is in Art, Architecture, and Sustainable Education. My practice and research has been a journey that culminated into The Theory of Mind, Matter, and Media, A 3 volume publication in communication theory, relating to sustainable systems design, and information architecture.  I am an educational and design consultant focusing on applying systems of Mind, Matter, and Media to solving the complex problems facing our society. I train individuals and groups in design thinking and complexity theory, by focusing on communication design, which can lead to many different kinds of project solutions. 

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