Apply The Theory of Mind, Matter, and Media to your work and Lifestyle

Sustainable Education

All living entities share the same space and environment. We can see our place as organisms, groups, and communities with an organic, living systems approach. If we look at the health of an organism, or organization, we can see signs of distress, fragmentation, or fracture and look for ways to build healing, unity, resilience, and longevity. By looking at the earth as a finite set of natural resources we may relearn how to provide for a thriving future. If we see our social, economic, political, and environmental spheres as one unified space, we may re-learn the essence of humanity and community. With the right balance of Mind, Matter, and Media, we can recalibrate how we learn and experience the world as a system of intra-acting micro-habitats. Learn how the philosophies and working practices of sustainable education can be applied to any context or subject through webinars, presentations or other types of educational experiences.    

Systems Thinking

Sustainable Education informs our technical methods of data analysis and learning that can be applied to any small or large system or endeavor. By seeing system dynamics in time from past, to present to future, we can see our place as individuals, organizations, and groups within a larger communal, regional, or global space. Systems therefore operate on a spectrum of spatial and temporal scales involving complex and interconnected infrastructures of Mind, Matter, and Media. Through processes of deconstruction and reconstruction, we can untangle complicated webs of information, or repair broken networks for better design and an optimal flow of information and resources. 

Design Thinking

Design thinking is a method of problem solving, innovating, and visioning that involves technical, creative, and experiential facilitation. Thinking implies activating our brains, yet Design Thinking engages all aspects of Mind, Matter, and Media in iterative and active stages of development and design. We can go from experiencing a problem to better understanding how the problem manifests in our personal or professional space.  We can solve problems by seeing complex dynamics and networks of information in action, and thereby learning how to achieve innovation by reimagining a different kind of system, or future. Design Thinking engages our senses to explore new ways of experiencing the world often with creative outcomes. 


Workshops provide an effective method of internal, hands-on group focus work on a given topic or problem. Workshops provide a facilitated method of providing your team the tools to self- problem solve, innovate and develop based on specific sets of goals or needs of the group. Workshops can be designed as individual events or to accommodate a series of phases or stages of  development. Use the power of Mind, Matter, and Media to explore new types of group dynamics, organizational patterns, and systems applications. 


We can apply the power of Mind, Matter, and Media to meet any professional project needs or goals you may have. Consulting services are highly customizable and projects have many kinds of outcomes or deliverables. We have customizable research methods, data collection, data analysis, and data visualization service. We provide optimal product or service design, spatial or architectural designs, or systems design with specialized communications and reporting design. With consulting services, we assess your needs in a holistic manner and apply the research, design, and development powers of Mind, Matter, and Media to your project needs. 

Nature-Based Education

Experience nature as an educational space to connect to the raw dynamics of Mind, Matter, and Media. We use nature and the outdoors as an intentional experiential classroom.  Using nature as a place to create, dream, reflect, observe, connect and transform, we offer a variety of experiences in nature such as Nature-Based Art, Art Therapy, Organic Sculpture and Architecture, Personal Nature Connections, Applied Living Systems, and Organizational Structures and Dynamics etc. We can customize hands-on nature-based experiences to meet your educational goals for adults, children (all ages), families and professional groups or organizations.


In addition to the types of organizational and group dynamic workshops and classes offered, one-on-one coaching is a way to focus on personal and intra-personal dynamics. Individuals need time to be able to reflect on their own philosophies, or develop them in order to harness their lifestyle and professional goals. Sessions may focus on building inner resilience, harmony, or positivity to more outward skills of leadership, building a sense of order, or planning. Soft skills effect our ability to acheive happiness in life, and to find unity in the many forces pulling us in different directions. Finding the right balance of Mind, Matter, and Media for you! is important.   

The Solo Experience

Experience the essence  and find personal balance with Mind, Matter, and Media on the solo experience – a guided and supported nature-based camping experience where you can disconnect from the world, in order to reconnect with yourself. You may use the time for specific personal or professional goals such as finding balance or deep problem solving.  This experience offers guidance for reflection, planning, creating, and healing, among other potential outcomes. This can be a highly customized experience. 

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